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Band  |  Rock  |  Los Angeles, California  |  July 2021

Nights in Stereo is a Rock band that consists of Ronen Rubinstein, Jon (Jonny) Shoer, and Rodrigo R Rodarte. During the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Ronen and Jon started playing music together to pass the time. Later on, Rodrigo joined the fun and the band was officially announced in July of 2021.

In January 2022, the band released their first single “Open Door”. Their second single, “Underwater” followed in June 2022. The band released a cover (and video) of “The Killing Moon” by Echo and the Bunnymen in October 2023.

The band is currently working on their debut EP.

In a 2022 interview with Pop Culturalist, Ronen spoke about the band’s origins saying:

Jonny and Rodrigo have known each other for over ten years. They’ve been playing in bands their whole lives and making music together for a while. They’ve lived together in the past. I’m newer to the picture. I lived with Jonny in 2017.

It wasn’t until 2020, the summer when everybody was locked down, that Jonny and I started messing around with music, literally in his living room. He’s too humble to say this about himself, but Jonny is a master musician. He was messing around and had this song. I came over one day and was like, “Hey, do you mind if I write down some lyrics or sing?” That’s how it started.

Then Rodrigo came into the picture and things started moving much quicker. Things became much more serious because the music was coming together beautifully and most importantly was starting to sound really good.

Then our dear friend and producer, Mike Riley, heard the music. He heard a couple of the demos and was like, “Hey, I think you guys have something here. We should get into the studio and do this very legitimately.” That’s what happened.