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Welcome to Ronen Rubinstein Network - the most up to date source for everything actor, singer and activist, Ronen Rubinstein! You may know him as T.K. Strand from "9-1-1: Lone Star" or his other roles in various movies and TV shows. Here you will find the latest news, photos and media, Make sure to check back often for more updates.

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2013 - 2015

Jesse Cordasco & Ronen Rubinstein On "It Felt Like Love"
3:48   |   January 24, 2013   |   genConnect

Jesse Cordasco & Ronen Rubinstein discuss their roles in "It Felt Like Love" at the Sundance Film Festival

Eliza Hittman -- 'It Felt Like Love' -- A Beyond Cinema Original Interview
11:00   |   February 2, 2013   |   Beyond Cinema Magazine

Eliza Hittman and the cast of 'It Felt Like Love' reveal behind-the-scenes info about the making of their 2013 Sundance entry.

Interview with Ronen Rubinstein and Laura Wagner - Monadnock International Film Festival
10:20   |   April 10, 2013   |   Local Lock Peterborough

“It Felt Like Love” star, Ronen Rubinstein and Producer, Laura Wagner talk about their new movie at the Monadnock International Film Festiva13

Ronen Rubenstein - Something in the Way - NHFF In Their Words
1:59   |   October 28, 2013   |   New Hampshire Film Festival

Short Drama -- New Hampshire Program
The New Hampshire Film Festival

Ronen Rubinstein Q&A at New York Film Academy
28:23   |   November 3, 2014   |   New york Film Academy

Former acting for film student, Ronen Rubinstein, returns to the New York Film Academy

Film4 FrightFest 2015 - Adam Egypt Mortimer And Ronen Rubinstein On The Red Carpet
4:12   |   August 29, 2015   |   Fright Fest

The Evil Twins are joined on the red carpet by Adam Egypt Mortimer and Ronen Rubinstein to discuss Some Kind Of Hate.

Film 4 FrightFest – Some Kind Of Hate - Interviews – Adam Egypt Mortimer & Ronan Rubinstein
7:16   |   August 29, 2015   |   Premiere Scene

Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno and Alice Alexander interview Adam Egypt Mortimer & Ronan Rubinstein for Some Kind Of Hate at Film 4 FrightFest 2015.

Ronan Rubenstein Interview Some Kind of Hate Premiere
4:46   |   August 29, 2015   |   Red Carpet News TV

Red Carpet News TV talks to Some Kind of Hate star Ronan Rubinstein at the Film 4 FrightFest Horror Film Festival 2015 in London

Ronen Rubinstein, “Alex Powell” on Why People Will Want to Watch
1:21   |   June 2016   |   Freefrom
"Dead of Summer" star, Ronen Rubinstein on why people should watch the show
Ronen Rubinstein, “Alex Powell” On the Characters Returning to Camp Stillwater
0:30   |   June 2016   |   Freefrom
"Dead of Summer" star, Ronen Rubinstein talked about the characters returning back to Camp Stillwater
The Permanent Rain Press Interview with Ronen Rubinstein
13:27   |   June 22, 2016   |   The Permenant Press
We had the opportunity to interview Ronen Rubinstein during his time in Vancouver!
Dead of Summer Interview: Ronen Rubinstein (Alex)
1:46   |   June 27, 2016   |   K Site TV
Interview with Ronen Rubinstein who plays "Alex" on the new Freeform television series Dead of Summer.
Ronen Rubinstein Talks 'Dead of Summer'
1:46   |   October 23, 2016   |   Popstar!
We hung out with Ronen Rubinstein to talk about that epic 'Dead of Summer' finale