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Ronen Rubinstein Teases Tarlos ‘Rollercoaster,’ Praises Oliver Stark Amid Buck’s Coming Out Journey

Originally Posted: June 5, 2024   |   TooFab

9-1-1: Lone Star fans are in for “the biggest rollercoaster” yet for Tarlos.

While walking the pink carpet at Gurus Magazine’s #30Voices30Days launch party in Los Angeles, Ronen Rubinstein told TooFab exclusively that the fan-favorite relationship between his character, T.K. Strand, and Carlos Reyes (Rafael Silva) are in for a tumultuous season following their wedding.

“I know it’s kind of impossible to fathom but I think this is the biggest rollercoaster they’re going to go through in five years“, the 30-year-old actor said. “It’s kind of hard to top everything they’ve been through, but trust me they do. I can’t say anything else or else Disney is going to send snipers and shoot me”.

Even though Rubinstein couldn’t reveal too much about Season 5, he did share what he wants to see happen in the couple’s future.

“I think kids could be a fun direction”, he said. “I hope we go in that direction”.

As 9-1-1: Lone Star gears up for Season 5 at FOX, its parent series, 9-1-1 has just been renewed for Season 8 on ABC. The news comes following star Oliver Stark’s character Buck having his first same-sex kiss with LAFD helicopter pilot Tommy (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), before coming out as bisexual and starting a relationship with the pilot.

Since the episode aired, there has been some homophobic backlash toward the storyline — however, Stark took to Instagram in April to tell the “smaller group of peoplespreading hate that he “truly” doesn’t care.

Rubinstein — who identifies as bisexual — thinks Stark is handling the criticism well, adding that he feels “honored” to have a “fan favorite” as a bi character on the television series.

“Honestly, I think he’s handling it like a pro, like a true gentleman”, he told TooFab exclusively.

“One of my favorite things that he says is, and he said this about multiple things but, we can’t just focus on the handful of negative people, right? Because I think the positive outweighs exponentially”, he continued. “But for some reason, us as human beings … I think it’s hard to see a million positive comments and maybe there’s two negative ones”.

“And I love that he’s like, ‘You can’t give them that energy and that power. Focus on the fans that are supportive because this is a big deal to have a fan favorite be the bi character on 9-1-1.’ I mean, I’m honored, I’m flattered”, he continued.

Rubinstein believes it is “extra cool” to have bisexual representation on “such a big show”, adding, “To to have that sort of exposure is huge”.