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Getting to Know Out ‘9-1-1’ Star Ronen Rubinstein with 12 Instagram Posts

Originally Posted: March 9, 2023 | By: Shawn Laib | Edge Media Network

With so many great programs featuring queer characters on TV right now, T.K. Strand on Fox’s “9-1-1: Lone Star” can get lost in the mix. That would be unfortunate, as actor Ronen Rubinstein has brought a great sensibility to the role. Rubinstein’s chemistry with Rafael L. Silva as fellow first responder Carlos Reyes has generated plenty of online publicity, replete with the ship name, Tarlos. Fans enjoy the authenticity and trials the couple goes through, and it has generated interest in the actors’ personal lives.

Rubinstein is openly bisexual, adding to the list of actors who have played queer characters and drawn from their real-life sexualities to do so. We want to help you get to know Rubinstein a little better with a collection of his best Instagram posts across the years. Some are thirsty. Some are sentimental. All are sure to be interesting!

Post #1

This first thirst trap shows Rubinstein’s handsome face, pretty eyes, and in-shape upper body. Fans were ready to compliment the actor in the comments section and found his caption about “feeling naked” to be perfectly suggestive and humorous, matching the picture he posted in ideal fashion.

[Instagram post deleted]

Post #2

Here Ronen Rubinstein decided to share some artistic photos from a shoot with Saturne Magazine in February of 2023. Several different fashionable looks are shown in the set of pictures, from a casual outfit with a red stocking cap, to a brown suit and turtleneck combo to really impress the fans.

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@SaturneMagazine 🪐
Physical & Digital Cover Story in Bio.
📸 @drakehackney
Makeup @yoonjuliekahng
Interview by @cerenahmn
Styling by @witchysabs & @lydzerin
Location @grovehousestudios

Post #3

This set of throwback photos from Rubinstein helps fans reminisce about the earlier times in the actor’s career on the set of “9-1-1: Lone Star”. Fans get a closer look at T.K.’s outfit and the dressing room that Rubinstein prepares for his role each day he goes to work!

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1st Fitting, 2019

Post #4

Rubinstein portrays one half of sexy couple Tarlos, one of network TV’s best-written gay romances. Rafael L. Silva shares the cover of Out Magazine in October of 2022. The two are claimed to be the hottest couple on air right now, a sentiment many fans in the comments section agreed with! It’s incredible that we’re getting more gay couples on network programs, as streaming has often been the place for more diverse storylines.

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Full article in Bio. Pick up a physical copy on newsstands November 8th! Happy 30th Anniversary @OutMagazine #OUT100 …

Post #5

More magazine covers for Rubinstein! This post shows off the actor getting ready for his appearance in Hello!’s US magazine. Viewers are treated to the actor’s artistic butterfly tattoos on his arm. We’d like to add that the bright green pants are a very stylistic choice!

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@HelloMagUS BTS

Post #6

This looks like the aftermath of the behind-the-scenes sexy photoshoot with Rubinstein from above. He shows off his charismatic smile with a rose in his mouth. The all-green look is even better here than in the previous shirtless preparation photo from above because now it’s complete with a suit and shirt!

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Certified Lover Boy 🌹
@HelloMagUS Photography by @MargotLily Words by @BexLewis Grooming by @SRollerTaylor 💎 by @VraiOfficial and as always, STYLED BY @CHAISEYBOY #StyledByChaise

Post #7

Rubinstein looks adorable as usual in this shot from his trailer preparing to start working on the show for the day. Fans enjoyed the actor’s bit of chest hair, casual smile, and shining necklace adorning his shirtless body.

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Back to work !

Post #8

One of the reasons fans love Rubinstein is because he loves to give plenty of behind-the-scenes looks at the making of “9-1-1: Lone Star.” Here we are treated to seeing Rubinstein getting his makeup put on before a big scene. He also shows how the show is being shot from a swimming pool and fans get to enjoy the intricacies of making a big shot come to life on TV.

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Snowy Adventures ☃️

Post #9

This thirst trap is both sensual and classy. Rubinstein shows a peek at his black underwear underneath some checkered pants. His open suit reveals his physique and a locked chain that is a reference to a song from Future that Rubinstein references in his caption for the photo.

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“2 Sexy for this Chain”

Post #10

This photoshoot for IRK Magazine shows Rubinstein in more of a reflective state than a thirst-trappy one. Fans certainly enjoy seeing the star without his shirt, but it’s the artistic posing and the lighting that makes this set of photos stand out amongst the many on his social media account.

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@IRKMagazine 🦋
Photography @ShadowTime
Styling @KennLaw
Make up @KayWamser
Hair @SolxHair

Post #11

It’s very relatable when a celebrity decides to share a car selfie with the world. Driving is something we all do daily, whether we’re filming TV shows like Rubinstein or taking a trip to the gym to play basketball and get some exercise. We don’t all look as handsome as this man does in this picture, though.

[Instagram post deleted]

Post #12

Any show with a romance at the center of it has fans flocking in droves to show their own depictions of the relationship. This could be through fan fiction or simply artwork. Ronen Rubinstein showed the fans of “9-1-1: Lone Star” that he sees their passion for the show by sharing these fan artworks on his account for the whole world to enjoy.

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Some of my favorite #Tarlos Fanart in honor of #TarlosTuesday 😍 Slide 5 is wishful thinking 😏