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Ronen Rubinstein for N Magazine

Originally Published: May 24, 2020   |   By: Violeta Nicola   |   N Magazine: Issue #05


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1. What is your background and how did you get involved in the entertainment industry?
Well, I was born in Israel. My parents and older sister immigrated from the Soviet Union. When I was five years old, we moved to America, “The Land of Opportunity” I grew up in New York most of my life. In my junior year of high school, I did my first play and immediately caught the acting bug. I never thought about it as a profession before that moment. The next summer I took a bunch of classes and performed in a showcase which led to my very first
manager. That all led to my first feature film; “It Felt Like Love” When I was 19 the film got into Sundance and because of a big Indie Hit. At that moment, my entire life changed before my eyes and I was thrown into the world of acting. Three years ago, I moved to Los Angeles, and here I am today, (knock on wood) still doing what I love.

2. You currently star in “9-1-1 Lone Star”. What can you tell us about your character and his involvement in the story?
He’s a very complex character, much more going on on the inside than you might assume from seeing the outside. He’s a big-hearted kid that absolutely adores and admires his father. The father is played by Rob Lowe, (still pinch myself sometimes) When you first meet our characters, we’re firefighters in New York which, on its own is a major honor considering the history of the FDNY and what First Responders are going through right now. Rob Lowe’s character gets the opportunity to take over a Firehouse in Austin. After my character nearly overdoses and tries to commit suicide, this seems like the perfect reason to pack our lives up and get out of New York. Together they create a firehouse full of unique people from different backgrounds. You can say were all some sort of Outsiders, Outcasts. In Episode 2 my character begins developing a love interest with an Austin Police Officer, Carlos Reyes. Also famously known as, #TARLOS.

3. Were you aware of the impact the show would have?
When I booked the role, I had somewhat of an idea of what the show might be. I immediately knew it was going to be excellently executed because Ryan Murphy was involved. He is the King of Television and I knew working under him would be a huge honor but also a massive responsibility. Professionally, I knew it would ask for my absolute best. I really like working under pressure and ideally when the stakes are high. My dad is Rob Lowe and our leading lady is Liv Tyler so you could take an educated guess on the show becoming a success, but I never thought it would be my character specifically that would come out as a fan favorite. Looking back on it now, it makes a lot of sense because a lot of younger people have gone through what T.K. has gone through. The biggest blessing of playing T.K has been the effect he has on fans. So many fans for the first time ever feel heard, respected, and loved. I can’t ask for anything more.

4. What path do you hope your character will take in the second season?
I would love to see a legit relationship start with Carlos. Have a really fun couple of scenes. Dates, movies, cooking dinner, etc. It would also be interesting for T.K. to have more scenes with Liv Tyler. I would absolutely love for him to explore his newfound relationship with his dad because we finished the season on a
beautiful note between the two of them.