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‘Some Kind of Hate’ Q&A: Ronen Rubinstein

Originally Posted: November 6, 2013   |   By: Andrew Hawkins   |   Chud.com

The new horror-slasher film Some Kind Hate is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. The film is directed by first time filmmaker Adam Mortimer and stars Ronen Rubinstein, Grace Phipps, Spencer Breslin, Sierra McCormick and ensemble cast playing troubled teens who get killed off one-by-one when the ghost of a murdered girl comes beck for revenge. We spoke with Ronen Rubinstein about starring in the film and his new movie Condemned coming out on November 13.

How did you become the star of Some Kind of Hate?
Ronen Rubinstein: I just finished shooting a film called Condemned and they asked me about the role of Lincoln.

Are you a fan of horror films and supernatural thrillers?
I can’t really say. I’m a fan of good material and there are definitely some great horror films.

How was it working with your fellow cast members on this?
I shared a lot of scenes with Grace Phipps and Sierra McCormick and working with them was fantastic. They are the utmost pros and it was very easy to get all our work done. It was great.

You had a lot of scenes with Spencer Breslin as well.
He was a really, really funny dude. Having him on set made it a lighter atmosphere. We had a very good time and did our job well and had fun.

How was it dealing with all the prosthetics and gore effects for you?
That was intense. It was just amazing for a handful of months to go through things like that. It was crazy ’cause you’ll walk past a mirror and see that you have a burnt face and it’s like, “Woah, this looks amazing!” (laughs)

How did you get involved with your other film Condemned?
It was basically an audition that was in New York and I guess they just liked what I brought.

What was it that got you into acting?
I always thought it was fascinating that someone could make believe and do all these different characters as their profession. It’s an amazing art for and it always interested me since I was young.

Did you have any prior experience prior to doing films?
I did a few school plays, y’know. That’s about it.

How has the film festival circuit treated you?
It’s amazing, man. Just being there for the festivals and all the festivities and seeing the reactions to our film and exploring the cities, it’s amazing.

How was it working with director Eli Morgan Gesner on Condemned
He’s a very interesting guy. He was a fascinating human. It was just amazing to be able to collaborate with someone like that.

Was there anything that drew you to the role of Dante?
We share similarities. We’re both from New York, we understand it and everything it has to offer.

Did you have a good relationship with your costars on the set?
Yeah, Lydia Hearst was awesome. She was one of the most prepared people I’ve ever met. It was amazing to see. And working with Johnny Messner, he was very intense.

Do you have any influences that inspire you as an actor?
There have been so many that have been legendary. Marlon Brando is a fantastic example for truly being ahead of his time and he had one of the longest and most amazing careers. That’s like the goal as an actor, for longevity and to be relevant the whole time. It’s amazing that someone like that could pull it off.

Are you looking forward to Condemned reaching broader audiences?
Yeah. We just had the world premiere at the Screamfest in Los Angeles at the Chinese Theatre. That was amazing, it was unbelievable. I’ve heard so much about the Chinese Theatre and it was just an honor to have it there. The film is out November 13th on VOD and in select theaters and I hope people enjoy it.